Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladder 49

This movie about firefighters in Baltimore came out in 2004. It stars John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix (before he went off the deep end). Joaquin is a probie under John who teaches him everything that he knows. Joaquin goes on to excel even after John moves on to a higher position with the department.

Joaquin finds a woman he loves, marries her, and has two kids with her. He sees several of his firefighter brothers seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. Even with all that and a wife that wants him to quit, he continues to do the work.

**Spoiler-the interesting thing about this movie is that it does not have the happy ending that we all come to expect. I admire that they actually killed off Joaquin's character, showing what firefighters face in real life on a daily basis. The ending scene is a real tearjerker so be prepared with the hankies.

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