Friday, July 17, 2009

13 Going on 30

This is a fun movie starring Jennifer Garner and Mark Ruffalo. Jennifer stars as a 13 year old girl who on her birthday wishes that she was "30 flirty and thriving." Due to some magical wishing dust, she wakes up and her wish has come true. However, she finds that her life is not as magical as she thought it would be.

In order for her dreams to come true, she is estranged from her family, has stepped over all kinds of peole to get the jobs the job that she wants, and most importantly, betrayed her best friend and as she finds out, the man that turns out to be the love of her life. As she is living what she thinks is her dream life, she realizes what is truly important to her.

She makes a wish again and the magical wishing dust takes her back to her 13th birthday and she makes different choices therefore giving her the truly happy life she really wants.

Friday, June 26, 2009

The Notebook

This move is based on a book by Nicolas Sparks which means that it is definitely a tearjerker. It is about a young couple Noah, from the wrong side of the tracks who falls in love with Allie, as socialite. They spend a wonderful, romantic summer together and then are separate by her parents who feel that Noah is not good enough for her.

Noah leaves to go fight in the war and Allie becomes a nurse. She falls in love with one of the soldiers that she nurses back to health. however, she stumbles across a newspaper article about Noah restoring a house that he had always promised he would buy and restore for her. She goes and spends the most romantic weekend of her life with him. But then, she becomes torn between following her heart and doing the right thing.

**Spoiler alert**Allie ultimately follows her heart and ends up with Noah where they remain happily married into old age. However, sadly, Allie develops dementia and cannot remember Noah or their love story except for very brief moments. Noah reads from a journal that they wrote together of their love to help her remember, even though it breaks his heart every day.He will not leave her side as he loves her so much, even is she does not always remember him for he hangs onto to the precious times that she does.

This one is a real tearjerker11 Be sure you have some tissues.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Rescue Me-Johnny Dies

This episode revolves around the death of Tommy's brother, Johnny, who is a New York City police officer who is shot in the line of duty. This clip shows the reactions of everyone in the family as they found out that Johnny has been killed.

Once again, a powerful episode that shows why this is one of the best shows on television today.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a Baz Luhrmahm film starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. I really was not sure what to expect because most of the review had not been good. I was very pleasantly surprised. The story revolves around Nicole Kidman who is an English Lady who comes to Australia to convince her husband to sell their farm land in Australia because it is losing them money. She is met by Hugh Jackman "the Drover" to take her to her land. Upon her arrival, she finds out that her husband has been murdered.

It is set up to appear the her husband has been murdered by King George, the leader of the persecuted group of people called the Aboriginals. The lead worker(who actually killed the husband) on the farm tried to convince Nicole to sell her farm and animals to her main competitor (in fact only competitor). She almost agrees but sees through him for the immoral,shady businessman man that he is. She also discovers that he raped a woman on the farm,an Aboriginal who bore a him a son named Nullah, She demands that he get off her property and never return. He vows revenge. She convinces The Drover wtih the assistance of all the workers on the farm, including Nullah, that they can drive tha cows to their destination and win the contract so desperately needed from the army.

Before they leave, the police show up to take Nullah away to the mission which is what they do with the half white, half Aboriginal children whom they call creamys. Nullah and his mother hide in a well but his mother ends up drowning to death. The Drover tells Nicole that she must become a mother figure to Nullah which at first she is quite awkward at doing but then she grows to love him as if she is her own. They successfully drive the cattle across the plains and win the government contract much to the entire community's shock. Nicole and the Drover share a night of passion.

They go back to the farm and settle into life. During the rainy season they live together as a family with Nullah. During the dry season, the Drover drives cattle across the plains and then returns. The army then asks the Drover to participate in a drive for them and the Drover agrees to participate. The police come and take Nullah. Nicole sells her farm and moves to the city to try and find a way to get Nullah back. The city and the island where Nullah is is bombed. The Drover goes back to the city and is told that Nicole is dead. He gets a boat and goes back to the island to see if any of the children survived. Nullah is alive as well as some other children. The Drover brings them back to the city. Nicole, who is alive and well, is about to leave on a transport truck evacuating the city when she hears Nullah singing on the boat. She jumps off the truck and runs to the dock. Nullah sees her and jumps of the boat. They reunite. He tells her the Drover saved him. The whole family reunites and decides to go back to the farm.

Sorry this is such a long narrative but the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. It is worth seeing just for the beautiful scenery all along.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ER-Gallant dies

I have watched ER for the entire 15 seasons. I know that it dates me, but what can I say, I loved the show (and was a mere babe when I started watching it). With the series finale and retrospective airing last week, it made me think of all the old characters that I loved and some that I lost. One such character was Gallant. He came on as an intern. He was a soldier before coming to the ER. He fell in love with Neela. They eventually got married. However, he felt the strong pull to go back an serve his country and eventually wound up serving as a doctor in Iraq.

Unfortunately, things did not end on a happy note for the couple. Gallant was killed in a roadside bomb. The following clips show Neela finding out about Gallant's death, her dealing wtih it (by really not dealing with it), the military funeral, and flashbacks as to how their relationship progressed and how they fell in love. I must warn you, it brings a tear to the eye.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An Officer and A Gentleman

This 1982 movie stars Richard Gere, Debra Winger, and Louis Gossett, Jr., who won an best supporting Oscar for his role as a tough drill Sergeant. Richard Gere plays a man who enlists in the Navy to become an aviator. While attending school, he meets and falls in love with Debra Winger. He also becomes best friends in a role played by actor David Keith.

Richard Gere intends to date and only have fun with Debra Winger while he is struggling to get through the tough program. She works at a paper mill and is looking for an officer as a ticket to her way out. Richard Gere's friend ultimately DOR (drops out on request) and he ultimately ends up taking his own life when things don't turn out like he planned. Richard Gere leans on Debra Winger to get through the death of his friend. Louis Gossett Jr., comes down on Richard Gere and helps him to find out what he is really made of. He ultimately successfully completes the program becoming an "Officer and a Gentleman."

In the end scene he goes to the paper mill and literally sweeps Debra Winger off of her feet and takes her out of the paper mill to begin life with the two of them together.

This movie slide show is played to the song "Love lifts us up where we belong" which ultimately won an Oscar for best song.

Following is the clip that Richard Gere is probably most remembered for in this movie

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ladder 49

This movie about firefighters in Baltimore came out in 2004. It stars John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix (before he went off the deep end). Joaquin is a probie under John who teaches him everything that he knows. Joaquin goes on to excel even after John moves on to a higher position with the department.

Joaquin finds a woman he loves, marries her, and has two kids with her. He sees several of his firefighter brothers seriously injured or killed in the line of duty. Even with all that and a wife that wants him to quit, he continues to do the work.

**Spoiler-the interesting thing about this movie is that it does not have the happy ending that we all come to expect. I admire that they actually killed off Joaquin's character, showing what firefighters face in real life on a daily basis. The ending scene is a real tearjerker so be prepared with the hankies.

Monday, March 9, 2009

He Said She Said

This 1991 films stars Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Perkins. They start off as reporters working at the same newspaper. They are then asked to write an article about a controversial piece of modern dance and surprisingly they have opposing views on it. This starts a column where they write about current events with their opposing views. In the meantime, they fall in love which is surprising considering that Kevin Bacon is a commitment phobe. The success of the column leads to a tv spot which almost tears them apart. But, there is a happy ending for all involved.

This movie is great because it presents both sides of the sexes and how they view the same incidents. I must admit that it is one of my husband and my favorite movies. If you get the chance to watch, it do....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Terms of Endearment

This 1983 movie won Oscars for Shirley McClaine and Jack Nicholson and a best actress nomination for Debra Winger. This movie is about a relationship between a mother and daughter. The daughter feels that she is constantly disappointing her mother with her life choices such as marrying young, having three children, and staying married to a man that cheats on her. The daughter constantly fights to make her mother understand that she is happy with the choices that she has made.

The mother has not experienced love since her husband dies when her daughter was a young child. Jack Nicholson, a has been astronaut moves in next store. After flirting over five years, they finally hook up. However, he is not ready for love.

The event that pulls everything together is when the daughter gets breast cancer and has exhausted all treatments. Her mother moves into the hospital to help take care of her. Jack shows up to help take card of the mother and admits that he loves her. Ultimately she dies, pulling all the family together.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pay It Forward

This 2000 movie stars Kevin Spacey, Helen Hunt, and Haley Joel Osment. Haley is a boy who turns 12 and is living with his recently separated mother. Kevin Spacey plays his social studies teacher. The class is given the assignment "to go out and do something to change the world."

Haley comes up with a plan that later becomes a movement. It is called pay it forward. The idea is that one person helps three people and then each of them helps three people and so on and so on. The movie takes you through various people's transformations as they pay it forward.

**Spoiler**Unfortunately, all does not end well for Haley. In trying to help out a friend being bullied (and complete his pay it forward), he is stabbed and does not survive. The end shows all the people that were touched by the movement showing up for a candlelight vigil at his house where his mother and teacher are able to see just how far this is going.

Do yourself a favor and pay it forward. It will feel good!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Martian Child

This 2007 movie stars John Cusack as a recently widowed man who is a science fiction writer. He and his wife, before she died, had made the decision to adopt a child. A social worker comes up with what she feels is the perfect match, a six year old boy who believes that he is from Mars.

John Cusack seems to be the only person who can draw the boy out to live a more normal human life. They have some rough roads but through it found a love for one another.

This is a truly touching movie about trying to find your place in life and just be loved.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Last of the Mohicans

This 1992 movie stars Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe. She is an English person brought over to join her sister and her father. Daniel Day Lewis is the last of the tribe of the Mohican's. The two characters could not appear to be more different in why they live their lives. The girls live a life of luxury and are not prepared for life in the wilderness. The Mohican's take on the duty of protecting them.

In the meanwhile, Danie Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe fall in love. The movie has Daniel Day Lewis follow Madeline Store as she is captured. They ultimltely end up together, but not before losing family memebers and frends.

It it is a film both men and women will enjoy...

Saturday, February 7, 2009

ER-Dr. Morgernstern returns

I have watched the show ER from the beginning. It is in it's 15th and final season. As a result, they are bringing back characters that we have loved over the years. Last Thursday, they brought back William H. Macy as Dr. Morgerstern. Unlike the episode that they brought back Dr. Greene, I loved this episode.

The old chief of medicine who is now senile and very fragile, ends up in the ER. The staff finally figures out who he is. Dr. Morgernstern shows up as he is the man's proxy. He explains to the staff all that has happened with the ER is because of this man. There is a final touching scene where the ER gathers to pay respect to the man.

Click on the folllowing link to watch the show:

The following is a link to a you tube video which shows the final scene:

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Dog Skip

This 2000 movie is about a little boy who is given a dog for his birthday and the resulting changes in his life by having a lifetime friend. Willie is a shy, only child who does not have many friends. Being given a puppy whom he names Skip, changes and enriches his whole life. He becomes more outgoing, makes friends, falls in love for the first time, and becomes closer to his family, all with the help of Skip.

This film touches all of us who currently have pets or who were able to grow up with one. Just goes to show how they become a trusted and loved member of the family.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Notting Hill

This 1999 film stars Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Hugh owns a small bookstore and Julia is a world renowned movie star. She steps into his store one day and they strike up a conversation. He accidentally spills orange juice on her shirt and offers to let her change at his place right around the corner. When she goes to leave, to his surprise, she kisses him good bye.

They start to try and date, with her meeting his friends and him trying to dodge the trappings of fame. They have a wonderful time together until his room mate betrays that she is staying with him and the paparazzi show up on the door step. She behaves badly and runs away.

He catches up with her again when she is in England filming a movie he suggested that he would like to see her in someday. He overhears a conversation between her and her co-star which leads him to believe that she is not interested in him. She comes to his book store and tells him that "after all...I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." He rejects her because he doesn't feel that he can handle the fame issue.

His friends help him to see the error pf his ways and he quickly gets to her press conference and ask her if she could see herself dating him to which she responds yes. They end up married and have a baby on the way by the end. He still struggles with her fame but puts up with it out of love for her.

This is just a fun and enjoyable movie to watch. It is set to "When you say nothing at all" by Ronan Keating and can be found on the soundtrack.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Great Expectations

This 1998 film starred Gwyneth Paltrow, Ethan Hawke, and an interesting role for Robert DeNiro. Gwyneth is a spoiled rich little girl who stays with her crazy Aunt(played by Anne Bancroft) during the summers. Ethan plays a poor little boy who ends up being hired as a playmate for Gwyneth over the summers as she visits. To make a long story short, as a child Ethan falls for his first and what ends up remaining to be his only true love.

Robert DeNiro plays an escaped convict, who upon stumbling across Ethan as a child, forces Ethan to help him obtain food and water as he lives life on the run from the law. The movie fast forwards several years to the characters now being adults. Gwyneth is living in New York City and engaged. Ethan, a fisherman in Florida, is hired by a gallery to put on his own art show in New York City. Ethan agrees to the show thinking it is a good way to reconnect with Gwyneth. The two reconnect and sparks fly, however, ultimately nothing Ethan does seems to persuade Gwyneth to give up everything to be with him. He ends up heartbroken and leaves New York City.

**Spoiler-Ethan always thought that Gwyneth's crazy Aunt was behind giving him a life in New York City but finds out that it was actually Robert DeNiro who is his benefactor as a payback from when he helped Robert to live life on the run. Gwyneth runs from her love for Ethan and has a quickie wedding with her fiancee, but is apparently not happy. She ultimately divorces him and goes back to the house she spent her summers in. Ethan ends up showing back up at the house and the movie ends with the beginning of a what appears to be a relationship between the two.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Private Practice

I watch this show and am really trying to give it a chance. This last episode may have just pushed it over for me, as I have been wavering on it. Several story lines are going on. A single father with two children all suffer from cystic fibrosis and the oldest daughter has contracted a virus that will kill her. This same virus will kill both father and son as well. She is isolated in a hospital room with no family around.

All the team tries an alternative approach to eradicate the virus but have no success. At this point, the father decides to go be with his daughter who is dying, certain to bring death to himself. Arrangements need to be made for the care of the 2year old so by the staff who he ends up abandoning.

Violet is sleeping with two men, Pete and Sheldon, but neither knows about the other. Pete walks out while Sheldon says he would still like to get to know her better.

An elderly woman is visited by her son and he wants her to move to Florida with him. She doesn't want to because she has fallen in love...with a woman. After time he comes back and tells her that it is "her turn to be happy."

Charlotte's father is dying so she goes "down to Dixie" to assist in the decision to end her father's life, She is unable to do it, so Cooper steps in and does it. On the flight ride home, Charlotte finally loses control of her grief and lets it out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Catch and Release

This film came out in 2007 and starred Jennifer Garner, Kevin Smith, and Timothy Olypheant. It is the story of a woman struggling to accept the death of her fiancee and the secrets he kept from her as she tries to rebuild her life.

She moves into his old room in the house with all of his friends. One of the friends comes from LA for the funereal and stays for awhile. She discovers that her fiancee had a child while they were together as a couple. With the help of all of his friends, she tries to welcome both the mother and the son into her life. She also falls in love with the friend from LA.

After the entire group makes some life changing decisions, they all move their separate ways,yet are all still connected by their dead friend/fiancee. Jenifer fellows her heart to LA to try love with Timothy Olypheant.

The clip is set to "What if you" by Joshua Radison which is on the soundtrack

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Outsiders

This 1983 film is based on the book of the same title "The Outsiders" written by SE Hinton. It is a book that many of us had to read at some point high school. A group of high school students got together and sent the book to director Francis Ford Coppola and told him that he was the director that they would most like to see direct this in a movie version. He read the book and was so touched by the story that he decided to make a movie out of it.

This movie was EVERY teenage girl's dream as every known and soon to be known teen heartthrob/brat packer was in this movie. Patrick Swayze, Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevaz, Matt Dillon, Tom Cruise, Ralph Macchio, and C Thomas Howell were all in the movie as Greasers and Diane Lane and Leif Garrett rounded out the Soc's.

This movie shows how the two groups of boys fought one another because of social class. One fight gets out of hand and a Soc ends up killed. C Thomas Howell and Ralph Macchio take it on the run to avoid the law, with the help of Matt Dillon. They ultimately redeem themselves by saving a church full of burning children.

**Spoiler alert**Ralph Macchio ends up severely burned from the church fire and dies as a result. This causes Matt Dillon to go over the edge and commit a robbery he is killed by the police for. C Thomas Howell realizes he needs to go back and mend fences with his brothers, Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze and does. There is a final fight between the two groups and the Greasers win but there is a moment after losing Ralph Macchio and Matt Dillon that they realize that they did not really win.

The first scene are various outtakes from the movie set to the song "Fields of Gold" sung by Eva Cassidy

The second scene is C Thomas Howell reciting Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost...
Stay Golden PonyBoy!!

Fried Green Tomtoes-1991

This films revolves around four women's lives; Idgie (Mary Stuart Masteron), Ruth (Mary Louise Parker), Evelyn/Towanda (Kathy Bates), and Ninny (Jessica Tandy). Evelyn and Ninny met up at on old folks home where Ninny tells Evelyn all about her life growing up. Evelyn is so unhappy with her life she is thrilled to be making a friend and lives for the days that she gets to see Ninny,

Ninny talks about getting the best fried green tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe which was run by Idgie and Ruth. Idgie rescued Ruth from an abusive marriage and they build a life together running the cafe. They were very progressive for their time and even served African Americans when it was against the law to do so. This caused trouble but they never backed done.**SPOILER**There is a sad ending in which Ruth gets sick and does not make it. Idgie raises Ruth's son as her own.**

**SPOILER Ninny's friend at the home dies so she tries too go back to her old home which was by the Old Whistle Stop Cafe but they have all demolished. Evelyn meets her there and takes her into their home.

This movie leaves us the question (having an open mind)as to whether Ninny is really Idgie by the fact that she leaves the can of bees on Ruth's grave. What are you thoughts? Please post....

The first clip is of Evelyn/Towanda/Ninny and their relationship...

The second clip shows the realtionshiop between Idgie and Ruth, right up to the end

Friday, January 16, 2009

Rescue Me-Connor Gavin Dies/Justice

This is a very difficult scene to watch from season two of Rescue Me. Tommy Gavin and his wife have actually gotten back together and are living together as a family. Then a tragedy ensues that seems to tear them apart forever.

To gain revenge for a death in the Gavin family, the Father and Uncle feel that as the eldest living members of the Gavin family, the responsibility of seeking out revenge falls to them.

The first scene is the tragedy that befalls Tommy and his wife (notice the presence of his cousin Jimmy as a ghost right at the beginning)

The second scene is shows all the members of the firehouse dealing with their own individual grief's pertaining to the Gavin family and themselves. The Chief has to put his wife in a home because of her Alzheimer's, Mike is dealing with the death of his mother, Franco lost his little girl,Lou has to give up on a girl that turned out to take all of his money, and lastly but most importantly the Father and the Uncle seeking revenge and Tommy trying to stop it

Thursday, January 8, 2009

About Last Night

This movie was released in 1986 and stars Rob Lowe and Demi Moore. The two stars meet, fall in love, move in together, and don't know what to do with themselves after all these major life decisions. Because they have never experienced love or living with someone else, they don't make it and ultimately break up with one another. It does not help that their two best friends, Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins are doing everything in their power to break them up as well.

As the tag line says "Making love was easy...being in love was difficult." They ultimately work through their problems and the movie ends with it looking like they are on their way getting back together.

This is a really enjoyable movie. The scenes of Chicago are great and the scenes involving Jim Belushi and Elizabeth Perkins almost steal the show.

The first clip show the lovers in the beginning of their relationship. They are dealing with friends and co-workers who are not liking being pushed aside for new love. The song playing is from the soundtrack and is called "So far, so good" and it is by Sheena Easton

The second clip is set to a song on the soundtrack "Living inside my heart" by Bob Seger. It contains some racy scenes so view at your own risk.

The last clip shows the couple headed down the road toward getting back together. The friends step side and let the two become a couple. The song that is hears as they are riding/jogging off together is called "If everyone had a heart" by John Waite and is found on the sound track.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Jerry Maguire

This is a 1996 romantic dramedy starring Tom Cruise and Renee Zellweger as a sports agent who falls for his assistant and her adorable son.

Tom Cruise plays a sports agent who has a crisis of conscience after dealing with a boy who is worried about his injured sports playing father. This crisis leads to a whole new way for Tom Cruise to conduct business, causing him to get fired from his old job and scrambling to keep his roster of clients. He loses all of them except for Cuba Gooding, Jr. Renee Zellweger leaves her old job to follow Tom in his new dream and new way of doing business as his personal assistant.

At first, Tom falls for Renee's adorable son. He ends up marrying Renee so that he can be with her son but ultimately finds out that he loves Renee as well. He also realizes that his client is like family to him as well. By the end he finds family, true love, and happiness doing a job that he loves.

"Show me the money and You had me at hello" are both listed in the 100 greatest movie quotes of all time.

The first clip is set to Secret Garden by Bruce Springsteen which is included in the movie soundtrack

The second scene is is Tom going back to get his wife and telling her that"You complete me and her responding "you had me at hello" **interesting side note Kenny Chesney so loved this scene in the movie, he wrote a song about it called "You had me at hello" Kenny and Renee ended up married for four month before they got the marriage annulled for unknown reasons**

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sex and the City- I Heart NY

This episode of Sex and the City is one of my favorite ones. The series involves the lives of four women living their lives in new York City, their trials and tribulation, loves, and loss. However, there is a fifth character in this show and that is the city of New York. This show let us into the inside world that is known as New York City. We got to see all the hot spots as well as the spots no one but the natives knew about.

In this episode, the love of Carrie's life, Mr. Big, leaves New York City to go live in Napa Valley. Carrie has a hard time not only because is leaving her, but he is leaving the city that they both love so much. This episode pulls on the heartstrings with the nostalgia and memories touched upon but leaves the door open to a future between the two.

Happy New Year and enjoy...

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Vanilla Sky

This is a 2001 film by Cameron Crowe that stars Tom Cruise, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz. It does not come across initially as what one would call a "chick flick." I will admit that the first time that I saw this film, I did not like it. The reason being that I had a preconceived notion of what the film was going to be about and would not let go of it throughout the entire film, right up until the ending. Because I thought the film was going to be about one thing, I had a very hard time understanding what the film was about.

I felt that the film warranted a second viewing to determine if I could figure out what it was about. This time, I really enjoyed the movie and felt like I understand what the message of the movie was. I believe that the tag line to the movie says it all "Forget everything that you know, and open your eyes." Once I did that, I understood the film and actually ended up loving it.

With it being a Cameron Crowe film, it goes without saying that it has an awesome soundtrack. I love the music when Tom is riding up on the elevator to a song called "Elevator beat" composed by Nancy Wilson of Heart (also Cameron Crowe's wife). I also like the song at the very end which is called "The nothing song" by Sigur Ros.

Open your eyes, watch, and let me know what your thoughts are on the movie

The second clip is a slow motion showing of what Tom saw as he was falling from the building

Rescue Me-Run

Here is a cut from my favorite TV show, Rescue Me. This covers scenes from season 4, the latest season to run on TV. I can't wait for the new season to begin. From what I have been able to gather, season 5 will start in March or April.

The heart wrenching scene deals with the firefighters trying to save 5 children from the fires but they are unable to succeed. The look on ALL of their faces as they drive back to the station shows the grief and pain that they feel over their failure to save lives. You also see the brother hood that is shared when Denis Leary sees the men from his house injured and he tries to help revive them.

It is set to the music of Snow Patrol to a song called Run ( which is my favorite song of all time and if you will recall from an earlier post, a band I got to see in concert this year).

Hope you like both the show and the music as much as I do.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pretty in Pink

This is a 1986 romance starring a love triangle consisting of Molly Ringwald as Andy, Andrew McCarthy as Blane and Jon Cryer as Duckie. Andy and Duckie are poor and from the wrong side of town. Blane is the rich boy who never wants for anything...except Andy. This movie is Molly Ringwald's favorite movie that she did.

The triangle consists of Blane loving Andy, Andy loving Blane, and Duckie loving Andy. Unfortunately for Duckie, Andy has and will always love him as a friend only. Her true love is Blane. There is also a sub-plot involving Andy and her father dealing with her mother having walked out on them. The father daughter scenes really get to me as I am a Daddy's girl!!

In the original ending and book, Andy and Duckie end up together but after testing audiences, the ending changed so that Andy and Blaine ended up together. I am still not sure how I feel about this one...I wonder if I would have preferred the romance being Andy and Duckie. What are your thoughts?

Monday, December 22, 2008

The Holiday

This 2006 Christmas movie stars Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jude Law, and Jack Black. The two females live on opposite sides of the ocean but each experience heart break. They trade houses and go to each other's Continent's.

Needless to say with Christmas around the corner, each finds love where they least expect it. They all end up celebrating the New Year together, finding happiness with a significant other.

Merry Christmas

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rescue Me-Jimmy dies at the Towers

I found this earlier this morning and it has been haunting me all day. I finally just decided to put it up because it goes with those that have given service to our country.

This shows Denis Leary and his cousin/best friend being called to the towers. Jimmy doesn't make it back alive but continues to lie in ghost form to try and keep Denis Leary's spirits up, give him his belief in God back, and to give up drinking.

It is set to a song called Dreamer by Toni Childs...when the guys go into the World Trade Center it gives me chills!! I get really teary when I realize that Jimmy is not on the bus going back away from the fires

Thank you to all those brave people who gave their lives are not forgotten!!

Army Wives

I guess the Christmas spirit is making me think of all those who give so selflessly to our country. I have hit on the firefighters and EMT's already. Now I want to hit on all those who are serving our country, keeping us and our freedoms safe.

Many don't think about the service men and women who are out fighting having to leave behind their families to do their job. It is a huge sacrifice for any family that commits to a life in the service.

This is a clip of a show called Army Wives and depicts some of what the families (wives especially) go through by sending off their loved ones to fight for our freedoms.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and we pray for ALL of you to get home safe to your families!!

Christmas Shoes

Still trying to keep with the Christmas theme. Here is a song by New Song that was made into a TV movie starring Rob Lowe and Kimberly Williams. The song captures what Christmas is all about to me.

The first entry is the video that the band did with cuts from the movie.

The second is a clip from the movie that is very touching

Remember to celebrate what Christmas is all about :)

Rescue Me-The death of the Chief

Here is another clip from Rescue Me starring Denis Leary. The scene takes us to the firehouse after Chief's death. The Chief committed suicide for several reasons he Had been moved to a desk job, his wife has alzehemeirs and had to be committed. and his gambling debts became so overhwhelming he was unable to take care of the bills for his wife's care.

The firehouse is torn as to how he ended his life. Some feel he took the easy was out and others believe that he is a hero no matter what.

Here is the scene in which the firehouse deals with the death

The Family Man

This 2000 movie was made starring Nicholas Cage and Tea Leoni. I picked this movie in continuing the Christmas movie showings that I started yesterday.

The tag line to the movie says it all "What if you made different choices? What if you said yes instead on no?" What if you given a second chance?"

Jack (Nicholas Cage said goodbye to the love of his life as he left for a job in London, swearing that they would remain together. Alas 13 years pass and they are n0 longer together. He is a big investment banker with lots of money.

An incident in a convenience store changes his life. He wakes up married to Kate (tea Leoni and they have been married for 13 years. They have two beautiful children. Jack in not sure about this life but grows to love it before finally being sent back to his old life. He figures out a way to get back to his old life, the one he loves.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Family Stone

The Family Stone was a Christmas based movie released in late 2005. It has an incredible cast starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Diane Keaton, Luke Wilson, Dermont Mulroney, Claire Danes, and Rachel McAdams.

The story involves Dermont Mulrney bringing home his girlfriend for the first time to meet his entire family. He wants them to meet her and love her as he plans on asking her to marry him. Needless to say, things go awry and the family doesn't like her. She decides to leave their home and stay at the local inn with her sister, Claire Danes, who arrives to support her.

Without spoiling the ending too much, both of the sisters find love with someone in the Stone family and they all make peace which is so important to the mother, Diane Keaton, as it is her last Christmas due to a recurrence of cancer.

This movie shows how important the love of a family is needed not just at the holidays, but to get through the hard times. As the tagline says "Feel the love"

Friday, December 19, 2008

Because I Said So

This movie came out in 2007 and stars Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. Although it did not do well with the critics, I enjoyed it for what it was, a light hearted, funny, romantic chick flick.

Is is about a mother (Diane Keaton) who has been divorced for much of her life and she is worried that her youngest daughter (Mandy Moore) will end up like her. The mother places a personal ad to try and find "Mr. Right" for her daughter. She thinks she finds the perfect man but her plans get messed up when a jazz singer inserts himself into the quest. The daughter falls for both of them, ultimately having to make a decision as to who is the right man for her.

In the end, both mother and daughter find love. Here is a clip from the movie showing the daughter dating both men and ultimately who she chooses. The clip is set to "Black horse and the cherry tree" by KT Tunstall, which is in the movie.

Friends-The Laminated Lists

I know that I just published a blog three posts ago involving Friends, but something came up in the comments that warranted an explanation.

The Friends all get together and talk about who they would put on their freebie list...a famous person that they could sleep with without any repercussion. The list could only contain a total of five names.

Needless to say, Ross puts a lot of time, thought, and effort into his list. He even goes so far as to laminate it.

Here is what happens when he runs into someone that he wanted to put on his list...

This is a fun thing to discuss at parties with other people and found out who is on their is always surprising and enlightening...who is on your list???

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Momma Mia

I was lucky enough to see this as a play on Broadway two years ago. I loved it!! When I heard that they were making it into a movie, I was thrilled, especially when I saw the casting. The only person I was worried about was Pierce Bronsan (of which my misgivings about his singing skills turned out to be correct). The movie came out in 2008 with a stellar cast making it a huge hit worldwide.

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie however, unlike when I saw the play, I became emotional during two scenes. The first one is when Meryl Streep sings about her daughter leaving her to become a married woman and the second scene is when Meryl sings about her lost love. I knew that Meryl was a talented actress but who knew she had such a great voice? The combination of the singing and the acting made these very touching and emotional scenes.

Here is the first one "slipping through my fingers"

The second song is "the winner takes it all"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


"All he wanted to do was dance." And so sums up the plot for the 1984 movie starring Kevin Bacon in Footloose.

This is a movie most of us have seen by now. Who doesn't remember the scene where Kevin Bacon goes to the warehouse to blow off steam from all the aggravation he feels for trying to bring dancing back to a small town and trying to fit in with them in the process?

So, without further ado, here is the warehouse house scene from the movie which is set to "Never" by Moving Pictures

Now for some fun, here is a guest starring role by Kevin Bacon on the TV sitcom Will and Grace in which he goes back to relive the glory from the movie Footloose..pardon the extra shots of guest stars at the was the only clip that I could find :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Friends-Ross and Rachel and Their History

This is one of the greatest TV couples. Not only was the show, Friends, fun to watch, but we all tuned in to see what would happen with our favorite couple Ross and Rachel. This is their first kiss. It only took ten more years and a baby for them to ultimately end up together.

Enjoy the first kiss..

The break up

The last kiss

Monday, December 15, 2008

A Lot Like Love

This is a 2005 romantic comedy starring Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet. The couple meet on a flight from Los Angeles to New York. Over the next seven years they continue to meet up. They fall in love with each other but it is never the right time for them to be together as a couple. They are fearful that they will ruin the wonderful friendship that they have by taking a chance on love. As the tag line says,"There is nothing better then a great ruin a perfectly good friendship." Ultimately they both take the chance, throwing caution to the wind, and make the romance work.

This movie has got a killer soundtrack. This movie clip is set t o a song from the movie called "Look what you've done" by Jet.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rescue Me

This TV show, starring Denis Leary as a New York City fireman is one of my favorite shows. It is a very raw and realistic presentation of what it is like to be a fireman in New York City post 9.11.
This show follows Denis Leary and his family as they struggle with his struggles such as divorce, alcoholism, death, the loss of friemen from their house in 9.11, and struggling with their belief in God. It also follows the rest of the firehouse and their various struggles as well. You come to love and root for each and every man as they go through their lives as they try to do what they think is the right thing.

This show will premiere in January 2009 on FX and I cannot wait. Until then, here is a clip to get you through until premiere date.

On a more personal note, lets us give thanks to all the brave men and women who are out fighting every day to keep us all safe. It is important that they know how appreciative we are, especially during this holiday season.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

She's Having A Baby

This 1988 film by John Hughes is a great relationship film. Jake and Kristy are newlyweds who decide to try and have a baby.

The film deals with all the trials and tribulations of getting pregnant, in-laws butting in, job changes, adjusting to living life in the suburbs, and generally having to grow up. For Jake, everything does not become crystal clear as to what he wants in life until he runs into some serious difficulties.

This clip, which is set to the song "This woman's work" sung by Kate Bush is when Jake realizes exactly what he wants from life as he deals with the uncertainty as to whether his dreams will come true.

She has her baby...

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Grey's Anatomy-The Bomb Episode

This is a scene from the medical TV series Grey's Anatomy. There are several story lines going on simultaneously while playing along to the song "Breathe" by Anna Nalick.

Dr. Bailey is having her baby and George is having to assist her as her husband is having brain surgery. Dr. Shepherd is performing brain surgery on Dr. Bailey's husband. And last but certainly not least, Meredith is assisting in the retrieval of a bomb from inside a patient's chest.

This scene does an excellent job of showing the vulnerability and fear that Meredith is experiencing but she soldiers on, realizing all the lives that at stake, including that of her one true love, Dr. Derek Shepherd.

I would love to see Grey's Anatomy go back to making episodes such as this one...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Say Anything

This 1989 movie by Cameron Crowe has become a romance classic. This is the story of a lovable drifter and an overachiever who find love as they set out to begin their lives after graduation from high school.

This movie is a must see for the one of a kind dialogue that will have you quoting this movie long after you have seen it. There are so many great lines in this movie, far too numerous to mention. The line "I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen" has made the list of 100 all time greatest move lines in Premiere magazine.

The scene you are about to see is an incredibly well known scene. Lloyd (John Cusack) is trying to win back Diane (Ione Skye) after she breaks up with him. She breaks up with him at her father's urging as he thinks Lloyd is not good enough for his little girl. She is not really happy about breaking up with Lloyd and is struggling with it. This is what Lloyd does to try and win her back...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bed of Roses

This 1996 movie stars Mary Stuart Masterson and Christian Slater as a couple of people who have been hurt by life trying to give up their fears and learn to love again. She is scarred by a childhood that involved abuse and growing up in a series of foster homes and has now thrown herself into work. He was married and lost his wife early on in their marriage, causing him to give up his old life to live a simpler life as a florist, doing something he enjoys. They come together and try and make a new relationship work, overcoming their hurt and distrust in order to do so.

This clip shows what happens throughout the movie up through the end. It is set to a great song from the movie called Independent Love Song performed by Scarlet.

"See it with someone you love..."

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This 2005 movie was written and directed by Cameron Crowe and stars Orlando Bloom and Kristen Dunst. It is a movie about a son who becomes very involved in his job working for a Nike like shoe corporation, to the detriment of being with his family, inventing the next big shoe, only to create a huge failure, costing the company billions of dollars. He ends up being fired from his job and goes home and thinks of committing suicide but before he can go through with it, gets a call from his sister that his Dad has died.

He must make a trip back to Elizabethtown, Kentucky to retrieve the body for his family but finds this to be very difficult as he finds that his father is a local hero in the town. On the flight out there, he meets a quirky flight attendant, who realizes that he is on his way back to a funeral. They connect on the flight and she gives him her phone number. He calls her and they meet up several times, all while he is learning about the great man that his father really was.

Ultimately she convinces him to take a road trip with his Father's ashes and the father and son bond as they should have when the father was alive. And at the end, he also realizes he has fallen for the girl.

Cameron Crowe is married to Nancy Wilson of the band Heart. The soundtracks to his movies are VERY important to him. This moves is no different. In fact, there are two soundtracks to the movie. Enjoy this movie clip set to the song Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley..

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sex and the City-Miranda's Mother Dies

This series was one of my favorites. I often got together with girlfriends to watch it together on Sunday nights.

This episode really touched me because it made me realize that family is not just your biological loved ones. Family is the friends who surround, support, and care for you every day. Sometimes friends can be the sister that you never had (as is my case). Friends are there for you in good times and bad and love you no matter what

I have recently had the chance to reconnect with some of my very good friends and it has made me realize that they too are my family. Thank you for being you and being there for me.

Watch this episode and see how a reminder how friends can be your family too (this includes the special men in our life as well)...

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Breakfast Club

This movie came out in 1985 and is about five high school students who have to go to a day of detention on a Saturday. They start the day feeling that they have nothing in common, however, they end it with a better understanding of themselves and each other. They were five strangers with nothing in common but each other (tag line).

This movie contains the actors known as the Brat Pack (see earlier post for further information). That made this movie a must see in the 80's. This was the first time my parents actually forbid me from seeing a movie because they had heard that there was drug use and they didn't want to see their little girl led down the wrong path. They made a point of singling this movie out because they knew, because of the Brat Pack, I would want to see it. To make a long story short, of course I did go see it at the first chance possible (although I confessed as soon as I got home).

This movie has been seen by a lot of people and everyone still remembers and loves to repeat what is one of the greatest cinematic lines in all history:

Dear Mr. Vernon, We accept the fact that we had to do a whole Saturday of detention for whatever it was we did wrong. But we think you're are crazy to make us write an essay telling you who we think we are. You see us as you want to see the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. But what we found out is that each one of us is a brain... an athlete... and a basket case...and a princess...and a criminal...Does that answer your question?...Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club.

Here is a movie clip played to the hit song from the soundtrack Don't you forget about by Simple Minds

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been watching House for about two seasons now. It is not normally an emotional show, it is usually more on the intriguing side. However, last season's finale (season four) was a real tearjerker.

The death of the character Amanda ( a nemesis for House and a live in girlfriend to Wilson) was played out very well. House tried to do everything he could to save Amanda, including putting his own life at risk, with no success. Wilson had to come to terms with not only the death of his girlfriend but feeling that House was ultimately responsible for her death.

The strain the death put on the relationship between these two best friends appeared to be irreparable. By the end of the show, Wilson quit working at the hospital and House was left to work there for the first time without his only friend.

The repairing of the relationship of these two friends has just started and taken some interesting turns with the start of season five. We can only watch and see where it goes.

Here is the season four finale played to a song called Breathe in, Breathe out by Matt Kearney.

St. Elmo's Fire

This 1985 movie is about seven friends who have just graduated from college and are struggling with issues that they are trying to overcome to become happy, successful adults.The tag line to the movie is "They thought they would be friends forever but forever couldn't last." They face love, heartbreak, obsessions, finding/losing employment, discovering the meaning of life, living on the edge, betrayal, and the ultimate test of friendship and love.

This movie stars the young group of actors that became known as the Brat Pack. The Brat Pack is a group of actors that starred in numerous combinations of 80's movies. The Brat Pack includes Demi Moore, Emilio Estevez, Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson, Ally Sheedy, Andrew McCarthy, and Molly Ringwald (although she was not in this movie). Mare Winningham is the seventh star in this movie but she was never really associated with the Brat Pack.

The following is a movie clip containing The Love Theme from St. Elmo's Fire

**For fun, click on the IMDB page and type in St. Elmo's Fire and read all the quotes from the movie-"It ain't a party until something gets broken"

Grey's Anatomy-Chasing Cars

Here is the video from Snow Patrol with their huge hit Chasing Cars set to scenes from the TV series Grey's Anatomy. It shows some of the most powerful scenes from early Grey's shows that are what caused us fans to fall in love with the show.

As for the song, I am never ever to hear it without feeling emotional. I started listening to Snow Patrol because of this song and they are now one of my favorite bands. I was lucky enough to see them in concert last year and they put on a fabulous show. When they played this song, the whole arena lit up with cell phones and lighters.

Enjoy the video

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wicker Park

This 2004 film stars Josh Hartnett (Matt), Diane Kruger (Lisa), and Rose Byrne (Alex/Lisa). Matt and Lisa fall in love and have a passionate affair while Alex looks longingly on, seething with jealousy. All is going well with the couple until Matt asks Lisa to move in with him and she mysteriously disappears, leaving no details or clues as to what happened.

Fast forward two years with all characters living their lives, but not forgetting the passion that once existed. Matt thinks he sees Lisa in a restaurant and begins a relentless search for the love of his life. Alex uses this as an opportunity to insert herself into his quest by trying to pretend that she is the Lisa that Matt is looking for.

There are many twists and turns which I don't want to give away as it would spoil the plot for the movie for anyone who has not seen it. I will let you know that it wraps up in a unique and interesting way that makes this movie worth seeing.

Besides the story and the acting, one of the best things about this movie is the soundtrack. It has a lot of alternative music that really fits into the story. It has songs by Snow Patrol, Mazzy Star, Aqualong, and Coldplay to name a few. I loved it so much I actually went out and bought the soundtrack.

Please enjoy the following movie slide show with a song from Coldplay (The Scientist)that was in the movie. I will leave you with this thought as you watch


Six Feet Under Series Finale

I watched this series from the first episode to the last. I looked forward to watching it every week. When creator Alan Ball decided it was time to wrap the series up after five seasons, I was sad to see that it was coming to a close but also realize all good things must end.

And on that note, what a finale it was. I have NEVER seen such a perfectly done series finale. Sia's song Breathe me was a perfect haunting choice of a song to use as we watch the playing out of all of the characters' journeys through life to their ultimate death (which is important as the series was set in a funeral home).

I loved that we saw everything through Claire's eyes. Claire is terrified of making a major change in her life. Her brother Nate (who died in an earlier episode) comes to her with words to help her make her decision. He tells her "Do you wanna know a secret? I spent my whole life being scared. Scared of not being ready and not being right and not being who I should be." Armed with these words of wisdom, Claire decides to leave home and follow her dreams so as not to make the same mistakes Nate did.

We see the final transformation of Claire becoming a woman as she says her goodbyes to her family. She tells her mother "Thank you for everything, and to think you've given me life. Her mother, not only speaking to Claire but to the whole family states "You gave me life." And with goodbyes said, Claire drives off...

Here is the final scene to the series finale

Friday, November 14, 2008


This goes out to all you Sixteen Candle fans. This movie came out in 1984 but is still a classic today.

I remember having all my girlfriends at my house and we would watch this movie over and over. Needless to say Jake Ryan (Michael Schoeffling) was my and a lot of the other girls first crush. One of my favorite lines comes during the father/daughter talk when she is crying over her crush. He says to her "That's why they call them crushes. If they were easy, they would call them something else."

We were so in love with Jake that we tried to take his picture on the TV so we could hang the picture in our lockers (unfortunately, the flash prevented this). We all dreamed that the ending would happen to all of us or at the very least one of us.

Happy Birthday Samantha. Make a wish,
Well, it already came true.

Enjoy Jake and Sixteen Candles

Dr. Green returns

I watched ER last night in anticipation of the long awaited return of Dr. Green. I was incredibly disappointed. He was one of my favorite characters and I was expecting a much more moving story line.

This did however lead me to go back and watch the scene when Dr. Green left the series. I thought his death was handled very well. I love the version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow that was played. On an interesting yet sad note, the man that sang the song was Hawaiian and played a ukulele. He recorded the song but unfortunately passed away before it became a hit (making this version even more poignant).

Tune in for this moving goodbye to a beloved character...

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Great clip with edgy song for The Air I Breathe

Here is a great clip from the movie-the song is not on the soundtrack but is still great

The Air I Breathe

My first favorite is a new film that came out late 2007. It is called The Air I Breathe and it is directed by Jieho Lee who also co-wrote with Bob DeRosa. At first, this does not come across as what one would call a typical chick flick. However, after seeing the whole movie, I believe that you will find it at least in tho category of a tearjerker if not as a chick flick. This movie tells the story of four individuals experiencing different emotions; happiness, pleasure, sorrow, and love and the impact of these emotions on the living of their lives. It stars an excellent cast including Forest Whitaker, Kevin Bacon, Brendan Fraser, Andy Garcia, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I found this movie to be very touching and emotional. I thought that Forest, Brendan, and Kevin did an outstanding job of acting. Each of their stories touched me in a unique way that left me thinking long after their story was over. This movie makes you think about these common emotions mention in a whole new light. I love the score to the stories and one song in particular Tomorrow (which I will write about in another post).

I belong to Netflix and this is where I discovered the film (it is also on sale at Amazon). Don't let the bad reviews you may come across deter you from watching this film. It really is a must see.

I will leave you with the tag line from the movie to think about