Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sex and the City- I Heart NY

This episode of Sex and the City is one of my favorite ones. The series involves the lives of four women living their lives in new York City, their trials and tribulation, loves, and loss. However, there is a fifth character in this show and that is the city of New York. This show let us into the inside world that is known as New York City. We got to see all the hot spots as well as the spots no one but the natives knew about.

In this episode, the love of Carrie's life, Mr. Big, leaves New York City to go live in Napa Valley. Carrie has a hard time not only because is leaving her, but he is leaving the city that they both love so much. This episode pulls on the heartstrings with the nostalgia and memories touched upon but leaves the door open to a future between the two.

Happy New Year and enjoy...

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