Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Private Practice

I watch this show and am really trying to give it a chance. This last episode may have just pushed it over for me, as I have been wavering on it. Several story lines are going on. A single father with two children all suffer from cystic fibrosis and the oldest daughter has contracted a virus that will kill her. This same virus will kill both father and son as well. She is isolated in a hospital room with no family around.

All the team tries an alternative approach to eradicate the virus but have no success. At this point, the father decides to go be with his daughter who is dying, certain to bring death to himself. Arrangements need to be made for the care of the 2year old so by the staff who he ends up abandoning.

Violet is sleeping with two men, Pete and Sheldon, but neither knows about the other. Pete walks out while Sheldon says he would still like to get to know her better.

An elderly woman is visited by her son and he wants her to move to Florida with him. She doesn't want to because she has fallen in love...with a woman. After time he comes back and tells her that it is "her turn to be happy."

Charlotte's father is dying so she goes "down to Dixie" to assist in the decision to end her father's life, She is unable to do it, so Cooper steps in and does it. On the flight ride home, Charlotte finally loses control of her grief and lets it out.

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