Friday, January 16, 2009

Rescue Me-Connor Gavin Dies/Justice

This is a very difficult scene to watch from season two of Rescue Me. Tommy Gavin and his wife have actually gotten back together and are living together as a family. Then a tragedy ensues that seems to tear them apart forever.

To gain revenge for a death in the Gavin family, the Father and Uncle feel that as the eldest living members of the Gavin family, the responsibility of seeking out revenge falls to them.

The first scene is the tragedy that befalls Tommy and his wife (notice the presence of his cousin Jimmy as a ghost right at the beginning)

The second scene is shows all the members of the firehouse dealing with their own individual grief's pertaining to the Gavin family and themselves. The Chief has to put his wife in a home because of her Alzheimer's, Mike is dealing with the death of his mother, Franco lost his little girl,Lou has to give up on a girl that turned out to take all of his money, and lastly but most importantly the Father and the Uncle seeking revenge and Tommy trying to stop it

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