Saturday, November 15, 2008

Six Feet Under Series Finale

I watched this series from the first episode to the last. I looked forward to watching it every week. When creator Alan Ball decided it was time to wrap the series up after five seasons, I was sad to see that it was coming to a close but also realize all good things must end.

And on that note, what a finale it was. I have NEVER seen such a perfectly done series finale. Sia's song Breathe me was a perfect haunting choice of a song to use as we watch the playing out of all of the characters' journeys through life to their ultimate death (which is important as the series was set in a funeral home).

I loved that we saw everything through Claire's eyes. Claire is terrified of making a major change in her life. Her brother Nate (who died in an earlier episode) comes to her with words to help her make her decision. He tells her "Do you wanna know a secret? I spent my whole life being scared. Scared of not being ready and not being right and not being who I should be." Armed with these words of wisdom, Claire decides to leave home and follow her dreams so as not to make the same mistakes Nate did.

We see the final transformation of Claire becoming a woman as she says her goodbyes to her family. She tells her mother "Thank you for everything, and to think you've given me life. Her mother, not only speaking to Claire but to the whole family states "You gave me life." And with goodbyes said, Claire drives off...

Here is the final scene to the series finale

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