Sunday, November 16, 2008


I have been watching House for about two seasons now. It is not normally an emotional show, it is usually more on the intriguing side. However, last season's finale (season four) was a real tearjerker.

The death of the character Amanda ( a nemesis for House and a live in girlfriend to Wilson) was played out very well. House tried to do everything he could to save Amanda, including putting his own life at risk, with no success. Wilson had to come to terms with not only the death of his girlfriend but feeling that House was ultimately responsible for her death.

The strain the death put on the relationship between these two best friends appeared to be irreparable. By the end of the show, Wilson quit working at the hospital and House was left to work there for the first time without his only friend.

The repairing of the relationship of these two friends has just started and taken some interesting turns with the start of season five. We can only watch and see where it goes.

Here is the season four finale played to a song called Breathe in, Breathe out by Matt Kearney.

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