Sunday, December 21, 2008

Rescue Me-The death of the Chief

Here is another clip from Rescue Me starring Denis Leary. The scene takes us to the firehouse after Chief's death. The Chief committed suicide for several reasons he Had been moved to a desk job, his wife has alzehemeirs and had to be committed. and his gambling debts became so overhwhelming he was unable to take care of the bills for his wife's care.

The firehouse is torn as to how he ended his life. Some feel he took the easy was out and others believe that he is a hero no matter what.

Here is the scene in which the firehouse deals with the death



Jeez, it is scenes like this that cement in my mind that this really is now the best show on television...

MB said...

Like I said, I cannot wait for this show to start up again!! It doesn't hurt that Denis Leary is on my top five list (see earlier posting)