Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bed of Roses

This 1996 movie stars Mary Stuart Masterson and Christian Slater as a couple of people who have been hurt by life trying to give up their fears and learn to love again. She is scarred by a childhood that involved abuse and growing up in a series of foster homes and has now thrown herself into work. He was married and lost his wife early on in their marriage, causing him to give up his old life to live a simpler life as a florist, doing something he enjoys. They come together and try and make a new relationship work, overcoming their hurt and distrust in order to do so.

This clip shows what happens throughout the movie up through the end. It is set to a great song from the movie called Independent Love Song performed by Scarlet.

"See it with someone you love..."



this so reminds me of college...

MB said...

The song is GREAT!!