Sunday, April 19, 2009


This is a Baz Luhrmahm film starring Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman. I really was not sure what to expect because most of the review had not been good. I was very pleasantly surprised. The story revolves around Nicole Kidman who is an English Lady who comes to Australia to convince her husband to sell their farm land in Australia because it is losing them money. She is met by Hugh Jackman "the Drover" to take her to her land. Upon her arrival, she finds out that her husband has been murdered.

It is set up to appear the her husband has been murdered by King George, the leader of the persecuted group of people called the Aboriginals. The lead worker(who actually killed the husband) on the farm tried to convince Nicole to sell her farm and animals to her main competitor (in fact only competitor). She almost agrees but sees through him for the immoral,shady businessman man that he is. She also discovers that he raped a woman on the farm,an Aboriginal who bore a him a son named Nullah, She demands that he get off her property and never return. He vows revenge. She convinces The Drover wtih the assistance of all the workers on the farm, including Nullah, that they can drive tha cows to their destination and win the contract so desperately needed from the army.

Before they leave, the police show up to take Nullah away to the mission which is what they do with the half white, half Aboriginal children whom they call creamys. Nullah and his mother hide in a well but his mother ends up drowning to death. The Drover tells Nicole that she must become a mother figure to Nullah which at first she is quite awkward at doing but then she grows to love him as if she is her own. They successfully drive the cattle across the plains and win the government contract much to the entire community's shock. Nicole and the Drover share a night of passion.

They go back to the farm and settle into life. During the rainy season they live together as a family with Nullah. During the dry season, the Drover drives cattle across the plains and then returns. The army then asks the Drover to participate in a drive for them and the Drover agrees to participate. The police come and take Nullah. Nicole sells her farm and moves to the city to try and find a way to get Nullah back. The city and the island where Nullah is is bombed. The Drover goes back to the city and is told that Nicole is dead. He gets a boat and goes back to the island to see if any of the children survived. Nullah is alive as well as some other children. The Drover brings them back to the city. Nicole, who is alive and well, is about to leave on a transport truck evacuating the city when she hears Nullah singing on the boat. She jumps off the truck and runs to the dock. Nullah sees her and jumps of the boat. They reunite. He tells her the Drover saved him. The whole family reunites and decides to go back to the farm.

Sorry this is such a long narrative but the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long. It is worth seeing just for the beautiful scenery all along.

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