Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ER-Gallant dies

I have watched ER for the entire 15 seasons. I know that it dates me, but what can I say, I loved the show (and was a mere babe when I started watching it). With the series finale and retrospective airing last week, it made me think of all the old characters that I loved and some that I lost. One such character was Gallant. He came on as an intern. He was a soldier before coming to the ER. He fell in love with Neela. They eventually got married. However, he felt the strong pull to go back an serve his country and eventually wound up serving as a doctor in Iraq.

Unfortunately, things did not end on a happy note for the couple. Gallant was killed in a roadside bomb. The following clips show Neela finding out about Gallant's death, her dealing wtih it (by really not dealing with it), the military funeral, and flashbacks as to how their relationship progressed and how they fell in love. I must warn you, it brings a tear to the eye.

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