Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Terms of Endearment

This 1983 movie won Oscars for Shirley McClaine and Jack Nicholson and a best actress nomination for Debra Winger. This movie is about a relationship between a mother and daughter. The daughter feels that she is constantly disappointing her mother with her life choices such as marrying young, having three children, and staying married to a man that cheats on her. The daughter constantly fights to make her mother understand that she is happy with the choices that she has made.

The mother has not experienced love since her husband dies when her daughter was a young child. Jack Nicholson, a has been astronaut moves in next store. After flirting over five years, they finally hook up. However, he is not ready for love.

The event that pulls everything together is when the daughter gets breast cancer and has exhausted all treatments. Her mother moves into the hospital to help take care of her. Jack shows up to help take card of the mother and admits that he loves her. Ultimately she dies, pulling all the family together.

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